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a country girl can't be made out of anybody here

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Icon Post : The Avett Brothers
ny mag - Christina Hendricks/Mad Men


The Avett Brothers : Full Band / Multiple members : 20 icons



 The Avett Brothers : Scott Avett : 23 icons


The Avett Brothers : Seth Avett :  10 icons


 The Avett Brothers : Bob Crawford / Joe Kwon / Miscellaneous : 12 icons

Please comment and credit! :)

P.S. Please forgive how bad I am at livejournal editing.

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Love them! Using one obviously. :) I'll probably take some more.

Yay! I use that icon too :)

And I promise, I will upload all the icons I made from your flickr either today or tomorrow! Its just frustrating to put images under LJ cuts and is quite a time-consuming project. But they will be up!

Thanks so much for making them :) I took a few, they're great :)

Thank you! There is a shortage of Avett love on livejournal, but I'm trying to make some! ;)

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